When I was growing up, my Dad came home from a trip for his employer, The American Tobacco Company, with a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  I had fond memories of that dog.  He would retrieve anything and wherever we kids went, he was always there.  His name was “Doc”.  When one of my friends who finds homes for dogs, posted a picture of Drake on her Facebook page, the memories of Doc came back….a big doofus, affectionate dog who loved everyone.  We visted with Drake and he reminded me so much of Doc we brought him home.  After two weeks in a crate to get over heartworms, he earned his freedom. Two weeks later he had an encounter with some barbed wire, tearing up his side.  After another 3 weeks in the crate, he was again free and happy.  We were estatic to get him out of the house!  So far, no more major incidents.  He loves swimming in the pond and like Doc, wherever we go he is always never far away.  We are working on convincing him he is NOT a lap dog and that toting the Box Turtles around is unacceptable.  He and Katie play all the time and have become really close.