Blaze a new trail to the mountaintop and always look ahead, not back. Breathe deep of horse sweat and wildflowers and mossy creekbanks and hardtack.                                        ___Janice Gilbertson
“What I have learned about hallowed places is that my altars and shrines are where horses run.  Horses know nothing of money, status, beauty or accomplishment.  Horses see only our hearts, and they accept or reject us based on what they find withnin.  In short, horses do naturally what humans can pas a lifetime without ever mastering.”                                           ___ Mary D. Midkiff
“Look back at man’s struggle for freedom, trace our present day’s strength to it’s source, and you will finnd man’s pathway to glory is strewn with the bones of the horse.”                                                                  ___ Anon
For almost 10 years Three Creeks Farm has hosted a Horse Camp for horse crazy young girls....the kids of our relatives, neighbors and friends. These are basically “sleep overs” for a couple of days and some have stayed a week or more.  The camp is not a “how to ride a horse”, experience, although the girls do get to ride and as they get older, sometimes they get to trail ride on our local trails or in the nearby Cohutta Wilderness.  We encourage them to give back by teaching them about trails and the need for volunteers to maintain them.  They learn about the resources required to own a horse;  that’s it’s a lot of hard work and expensive.  They learn responsiblity by picking up horse poop and cleaning stalls.  They learn the techniques of grooming, are taught horse anatomy, and how horses think, see and hear.  They learn to communicate with horses in a way they understand, how to lead, saddle, and work with them.  They are required to wear sturdy shoes around horses to avoid getting stepped on, and to wear helmets any time they ride.  They get to drive a tractor and if old enough, how to back a trailer.  They can even dig worms and go fishing in the pond.  We have a “pedal boat” as well.  (Life Jackets required)  Three Creeks Farm is a safe environment, on a dead end road off a dead end road, 13 miles from the nearest grocery store, surrounded by mountains and creeks, in a beautiful setting, and populated by a wide variety of flora and fauna. The girls come from a variety of environments, rich and poor, city and country; horses are at times all they have in common. Joan collects their cellphones when they arrive.  The older girls help us work with the younger ones. TV and computer time is allowed, but limited.  It’s about the outdoors and horses.  Sometimes they make lifelong friends.  Given the opportunity, we also teach them social skills such as how to set a table, basic cooking skills, and etiquette.  Making biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, and chicken tenders are popular projects.  They are also required to keep their room and bath clean, pick up their clothes, get up early, and do things on a schedule;  all valuable life lessons.  We are proud of our “Horse Girls” and pleased that we could contribute in some small way to their success in life.