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Maggie" showed up one day at the farm around 2001 and was obviously a "throwaway" dog.  She spent the first 4 days here hiding in the creek.  I finally caught her and confined her to the deck for a few days until she got over being afraid of me.  An examination and x-rays indicated that she had been badly beaten, shot and was pregnant.  She is still terrified at the noise of thunderstorms.  Although timid around strangers until she gets to know you, she is a wonderful dog, extremely gentle, and obviously grateful to have a home and people that care for her.  She has become more trusting and protective over the years.  When Maggie barks, we know something unusual is going on or a strange vehicle is on the premises.  Sadly over the last few years, she has gradually lost her hearing.  We have to be careful because she can’t hear things coming up behind her and we have to communicate with sign language.